Uninstall Pulse Connect

Pulse Connect error message box: Pulse Secure Network Connect setup driver installation fail (nc.windows.app.23787)


Uninstall: (requires an hour, do it in chronological order)
1. Control Panel > Uninstall program > select all Juniper and Pulse programs
2. Browser, delete all cookies, temp files, etc.
2a. In IE, also go into Browsing History, Settings, View Objects, delete all
3. Control Panel > Java > Temporary Internet Files > settings > delete files
4. Control Panel > Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices > Network Adapter > Uninstall/delete all Juniper / Pulse.
5. In Windows Explorer, on C:\ do search for "Juniper", "Pulse", "dsNcApt", "dsNcService", delete all folders/files you think is related to Juniper/Pulse.
6. Regedit (registry), click top of root tree, find "Juniper", "Pulse", "dsNcApt", "dsNcService", remove all you think is related to Juniper/Pulse. Search is only downwards, so with every new search word, make sure you click top of root tree then search. Do this step again to make sure you have cleaned it.
7. Command Prompt, run as administrator, type in without quotes "pnputil -e > C:\pnplist.txt", then go to the text file generated, search for Juniper and Pulse to note the related oem[NUMBER].inf Afterwards, go back to Command Prompt, type in without quotes "pnputil -d oem5.inf" where 5 (or whatever number) is the oem[number].inf relating to Juniper/Pulse. Delete the file C:\pnplist.txt that you created. Do this step all again, to make sure the entry was deleted.
8. Reboot.
9. Go to website https://YOUR-COMPANY-NEO.WEBSITE.COM/dana-cached/sc/PSSetupClientInstaller.exe
10. Install the exe file.
11. https://YOUR-COMPANY-NEO.WEBSITE.COM/ and then install Neo as usual.

As of: 30 November 2018 / Windows 7 / IE11 / PC.